WNBA Basketball | The athletic’s coverage of women’s basketball is growing 2022

WNBA Basketball

WNBA Basketball

The WNBA Basketball Athletic’s coverage of women’s basketball is growing. It’s no longer debatable whether women’s basketball has cemented its place in our sports awareness.

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The 2022 NCAA Tournament championship game drew 4.85 million viewers, making it the most-watched women’s final game since 2004 at the WNBA Basketball. Last season, the WNBA commemorated its 25th anniversary by broadcasting its most-watched regular-season game since 2012. WNBA Basketball Merchandise sales and attendance are up, the stars have become household names, and the W sweatshirt is an undeniably stylish look.

The Athletic has been a pioneer in covering women’s college basketball and the WNBA throughout the sport’s recent significant rise. WNBA Basketball We’ve been committed to covering the sports’ most important stories with our deep investigations, going behind the scenes of players’ NIL power, providing strong analysis of free agency and mock drafts, delivering unrivaled storytelling, and, of course, capturing the magic of the NCAA and WNBA championships.

But we want to go beyond. As the WNBA Basketball and women’s collegiate basketball gain prominence and visibility, so do we.

WNBA Basketball

The Athletic is pleased to announce the addition of two full-time national correspondents, Sabreena Merchant and Ben Pickman, to our team at WNBA Basketball. We have the most full-time crew devoted to women’s basketball in mainstream sports media, led by senior correspondent Chantel Jennings. The Athletic’s women’s basketball crew is as strong, knowledgeable, and skilled as it gets, thanks to long-time regular contributors Lyndsey D’Arcangelo and Dorothy J. Gentry.

Sabreena is a key national voice on the WNBA Basketball, because to her outstanding analytical work and good eye for uncovering new topics. She formerly worked at SB Nation. Ben, who joins us from Sports Illustrated, is one of the country’s greatest storytellers and will continue to unearth nuggets about players, coaches, and teams.

Women’s basketball supporters understand that the sport is at a unique period of increased interest and unparalleled funding. Their only annoyance is a desire for more. And that’s exactly what we want to do with tales from college campuses, WNBA courts, and worldwide competition. This WNBA Basketball summer, we’ll be following players across the world to get a look into their lives, hardships, and achievements.

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